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Star Party  St Michel  Haute Provence (France)

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Supernova  in Galaxy NGC 4647
Supernova  SN2022hrs in the galaxy NGC 4647,  distance 61 million lightyears.  Brightness of supernova at April-28-2022, 12.6 mgV.
Teleskope 6" f/4 Newton, ASI294MC color camera, exposure 119x30s
Hesiodus Ray 2022-03-11

Hesiodus is a lunar impact crater located on the southern fringes of Mare Nubium, to the northwest of the crater Pitatus
Stark shadows of mountains and crater walls stand out along the lunar terminator, or shadow line between night and day.
Equipment:8" RC f=1640mm ASI1600 Monochrome Kame
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March 2022
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