Equipment Setup - Astrophotography and Spectroscopy

Astro-Imaging and Spectroscopy

Star Party  St Michel  Haute Provence (France)

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Equipment Setup
The equipment for spectroscopy is very similar to astrophotography
  • Take care that the mount with  the telescope and spectrograph is in b

  • Take care that the power supply and the USB cable not interfere while moving the telescope
  • Preparing the mount with good polar aligment
  • An electronic finder, a 50mm scope with a little CMOS camera is very helpful
  • The slit of the spectrograph is oriented to RA or DE axis

Software during recording :
  • Carte du Ciel to find objects
  • Firecapture for electronic finder
  • Artemis (Atik) and AstroArt (ASI1600 MM)  for image recording
  • PHD-2 for Guiding ( Slit position is markable)
  • BASS Project for quick look at the spectrum

Setup 200mm Newton f/4 and Alpy600 Spectrograph
Carte du Ciel for finding objects.
EQ5/6 Mod ASCOM Driver
Telescope controler as software solution

PHD-2 Guiding window  with markable slit position and the green cross with the guiding star.
Artimes capture program for Atik 414 camera

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