Equipment - Astrophotography and Spectroscopy

Astro-Imaging and Spectroscopy

Star Party  St Michel  Haute Provence (France)

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  • Celestron C11 XLT
  • Diameter 280mm
  • Focal length 2800mm
  • 50mm finderscope with ASI174MM CMOS-Camera

  • Mount
  • Skywatcher AZ-EQ-6

  • L200-Spectrograph
  • ASI1600MM CMOS-Camera
  • Lodestar guiding camera
  • 8 " f/4 Newton ( pimped Skywatcher Quattro)
  • 50mm finderscope  with ASI174MM CMOS-Camera
  • Mount Skywatcher AZ-EQ6
  • Alpy600 Spectrograph
80mm ED-Refraktor f=480mm with EQ-5 mount and ZWO ASIAIR Plus Control of ASI cameras and mounts via tablet and smartphone

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