Data Reduction - Astrophotography and Spectroscopy

Astro-Imaging and Spectroscopy

Star Party  St Michel  Haute Provence (France)

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Data processing

Data processing  would be the biggest problem when starting with spectroscopy.
Spectra reduction is devided in two parts:
Image reduction and spectra calibration
Image reduction contains similar to astrophotography:
  • Bias correction
  • Dark substraction
  • Flat feld correction
  • Sum or average of image
  • The corrected sum spectrum has now to align parallel to the horizontal axis of the detector.
  • Second the curved calibration lines  to to be alligned vertical.
The image reduction  could be done with standard image processing software e.q.  AstroArt.
But for  the spectral calibration could be done with special programs like BASS-Project
(Basic Astronomical Spectroscopy Software)
For Alpy600 Spectrograph the program ISIS from Christian Buil I prefere  the Demetria software from Shelyak Intruments (France)
For L-200  I use AstroArt and BASS for data processing.
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