The difference - Astrophotography and Spectroscopy

Astro-Imaging and Spectroscopy

Star Party  St Michel  Haute Provence (France)

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Astrofotography and Spectroscopy - The Differents

  • Simply substract the backround
  • Results also at  light pollution sites
  • Many (bright) objects
  • Seeing independed - slit
  • Guiding errors, bad collimation errors effective  loose only light and  need longer exposure
  • Spectra processing is only data reduction and calibration
  • Spectral processing and calibration are not easy for beginners
  • Only "few" spectropists
  • Narrow band at light pollution sites
  • Few Objectes for narrow band compare to stars
  • Long expoure time over many sessions
  • guiding errors, bad collimation bad for images
  • Seeing problems
  • Many good programs for image processing
  • Image proceesing after data reduction is more art then science
  • Many astrophotographs
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