Spectra Recording - Astrophotography and Spectroscopy

Astro-Imaging and Spectroscopy

Star Party  St Michel  Haute Provence (France)

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  • Polar alignement successful.
  • Alignment of the telescope control and connection to Carte du Ciel
  • Electronic finder is adjusted.
  • Bright star centered.
  • Spectrograph mounted and balanced
  • Slit parallel to RA or DE axis
  • Spektrograph ready spectral range justified
  • Spectrum parallel aligned to the chip

Switch on the calibration lamp and focussing camera to the spectrum.
Take a spectrum of a bright star. The spectrum have to be parallel better 0,5°.
Fokussing the spectrum as a fine line with the focuser at the telecope (not the camera)
Take same spectra and do a quick check with the bass program.

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March 2024
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