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Star Party  St Michel  Haute Provence (France)

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The L200  Spektrograph contain a  multi-reflective entrance slit plate provides a unique arrangement of nine different slit gaps (20/25/30/35/40/45/50/75/100 micron) and three pinholes (20/50/100 micron). These can quickly be set using a built-in  thumbwheel. The highly reflective chromium surface allows the target  star to be imaged in a guide camera. The transfer mirror and optics  present a large field of view to any standard guide camera (1.25"  fitting) -  ASI120 or Lodestar will be used. This makes it very easy to confirm the  correct star is located on the entrance slit and any star image visible  can be used for guiding.  
Tipp: It is very helpful to use a 50mm finder scope with  another CMOS camera like ASI 174MM with a field of 3° to 5°.  
The heart of the instrument is the reflective grating.  This is positioned in the collimated, parallel beam behind a fully  coated over sized . The gratings module allow various gratings from l150/300/600/1200/1800 l/mm grating assemblies are available. A micrometer  head fitted with a custom nosepiece provides repeatable positioning of  the grating.  Spectra calibration is possible with the neon lamp. The imaging port of the Spectra-L200 is fitted with a female T thread adaptor. This allows any of the standard camera adaptors and focusers to be fitted. The back focus distance is about 60mm.

The Spectra-L200 is no longer available.

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